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Welcome to a tribute site for Francesco Coco! You will find many things about this Italian international left back here. We have pictures, video, news, as well as links to other sites. You can also trades some thoughts with other fans through the message board and the chat room. Oh btw, please read the disclaimer first (it's down there).
October 26th, 2002
8 new pictures uploaded.
October 10th, 2002
14 new pictures uploaded.
September 27th, 2002
Three new pictures from Inter vs Regina match. Coco missed Champions League match vs Ajax, due to back problems. So no pictures from that match.
September 20th, 2002
Finally! A major update! Been busy a couple of week, sorry. But we're back with 30 new pictures at Inter gallery. Next time, I'll try to update once a week at least.
This site is totally 100% made by me (a fans), not by Francesco Coco. I don't have any relation or connection what-so-ever with Francesco Coco. So please don't ask me to forward e-mails (or anything) to Coco. And please don't e-mail me thinking I'm him. All the pictures, videos, and news are copyrighted by the righteous owner (not me!). Personal used is (probably) allowed, but don't use it for commercial purposes.
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