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Tuesday, 30 July 2002 09:46:09

MILAN - Here is an extract from Coco 's interview to "Corriere dello Sport":

After two weeks' at Inter, what would you like to say?
"I finally found confidence in myself here at Inter."

What does Inter mean to you?
"It is already an important team for me, both under the technical and human aspect."

Two weeks' life at Inter - what are your sensations, feelings and thoughts?
"One above all. Since the first days at Pinetina I had the feeling that the environment was already familiar to me. Not only for the coaches and my team-mates. Everything and everyone looked familiar to me, as if I had already seen and met them, as if they were friends."
Tuesday, 30 July 2002 10:09:47

MILAN - Here's another extract of new signing Francesco Coco 's interview with "Corriere dello Sport":

What are your impressions of Cuper and his work?
"In my career I've met a lot of coaches. The ones which have left their mark up to now are two - Fabio Capello and Alberto Zaccheroni. Capello has had the merit of moulding my character, Zaccheroni taught me many things from the tactical point of view, he made me mature as a player. Cuper has the determination of Capello, the insight and precision of Zaccheroni."

Have you met and spoken to Moratti?
"I've met the president just once, in his office, during my official presentation. I was rather nervous and excited. Moratti impressed me for his simplicity. Kind, friendly, outgoing, he treated me like an old friend. It was incredible, I couldn't believe it!"

Nesta or not? What do you think about the negotiation?
"Who wouldn't like a player like Nesta? He is the best in the world in his position. But I would like to add that even without Nesta this team can win the scudetto."

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