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Coco still puzzled by substitution
Tuesday 11 December 2001 14:38 (BCN)

Italian defender Fransesco Coco is still puzzled by his first half substitution against Celta on Sunday, but knows that heís got to keep on training hard to keep his place in the team.

Only half an hour
"Itís the boss who has to make the changes and obviously he can do as he pleases. However, it doesnít make much sense to me to sub someone after just half an hour and I still donít really understand it. I know Iíve just got to keep working hard and hope to play on Sunday. Sergi is fit again and the boss can choose between us. Whoever gets the nod, itíll be because theyíve shown they deserve it in midweek. I think Iíve done well so far and Iíve been getting more used to things here as the seasonís gone on and itíll certainly be tough for me if I lose my place now."

Recent form
"Weíve played four bad games in three months. Sure, weíre going through a bit of a rough patch, but Iím positive that if we can win these next two games before Christmas weíll be back on the right track. I think itís important that the whole team reflects on how weíre doing, because I donít think any individual is to blame, weíve all been playing poorly."

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