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Overmars and Coco wait for their chance

Before such an important European match as Wednesdayís Champions League clash with Roma two of FC Barcelonaís most experienced players in European competition, Overmars and Coco have been recalled to the first team squad. Rexach is hoping his entire squad will be available for selection. The Dutch winger and Italian defender will be hoping to get a chance to show what they can do. At Mondayís press conference both players talked about their chances of playing and also pointed out Romaís strong points.

"The important thing is that the team is in good shape, the League is wide open and that we also remain in contention in the Champions [League]. This is the main priority and on a personal level I am ready for when the team needs me. Being a substitute doesnít make me happy but itís better than not being in the squad."

"One is never totally happy with his contribution but itís obvious that if I donít play I canít show what I can do. Iím having a difficult year with injury and illness. This time Iíve been called up into the squad and it would be good for me to play a few minutes."

"Rexach has changed his style of play and doesnít require men down the flanks preferring to have more players in the middle of the park. This means sacrificing the wingers."

"Roma are a very tough team that possesses all the characteristics and qualities of an Italian team but believe this type of rival suits our style of play and have a chance of winning. You always have to win your home games."

"Roma are a team that use the ball well, work hard and always go onto the pitch with a winning mentality. We will need to fight for every ball, be patient, play a great game and be prepared for anything."

"They are an incredible team with great quality players and also have Capello, a coach who instils virtues such as fight, will to win and the belief in never giving up right up until the final whistle."

"I am going through a difficult time at the moment and spent January getting over injury and chickenpox. Now the team is in good shape and what I want to do now is work to the maximum of my ability and train hard. The decision rests with the coach and it is he who decides who is playing. If he needs me I will be there to help out the team."

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