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Coco : "I want to stay here"

Italian defender Francesco Coco spoke to reporters this lunchtime about his immediate future at the club: "I want to stay here at least until the end of the season and then get into the Italian World Cup squad. Weíll see what happens after that."

"There have been two or three offers from Italian clubs asking Barca about my availability and if I start to be left on the bench, I suppose Iíll have to begin to think about them. Iím naturally pleased that big clubs are coming after me, but I know Iím already at a great club."

Good job
"I think Iíve done a good job during the time Iíve been here. It seems like Iím on the bench now and probably will be for the next game too and that means Iíve got to keep working hard to win a place in the team. Sergi played really well and it wouldnít be right to leave him out. It didnít surprise me that I wasnít in the team on Sunday. Itís the bossí decision and Iíve got to respect it."

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