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Exclusive interview with Fransesco Coco
Thursday 24 January 2002 13:51 (BCN)

Italian Francesco Coco was back in training on Wednesday after recovering from a bout of chicken pox. He spoke to this lunchtime about when he felt he'd be back in the frame for a first team spot and about the situation of the team in general. How do you feel?

Coco: A lot better thanks. I was able to train yesterday, though I worked apart from my teammates. Today I did the same as them and I have to say I really noticed it. I was at home a week and I really felt rough for the first four days with a fever. I still need a bit longer to get back to full fitness, but I can't wait to play again." When do you think you'll get back into the first team?

Coco: All the squad want to get into the team, especially since we're all hoping to get into the World Cup in June, so, it's not easy to win a spot. Do you plan to stay here at Barca?

Coco: I've got a six -year contract and I want to see it through. I'm very happy here and I feel the people here really like me. What difference is there between the Spanish and Italian Leagues?

Coco: They're very different.The football here is much more spectacular. It's a much more tactical game with a lot more stress on the pressing game in Italy. How do you rate the team right now?

Coco: We're very united. All the stuff that's come up this week is over and done with for us. It's easy to put something behind you when you know it's all lies. What we have to do now is concentrate on the Osasuna game. They're not a big team, but they could cause us a lot of problems. We've really got to be on our toes and play at our best. If we can get maximum points from the remaining league games before the Roma game, that'll give us a great boost.

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