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source : Daily Soccer
Inter consider Seedorf for Coco exchange
MILAN, May 29 (DS)

Internazionale FC chairman Massimo Moratti spoke today about the possible exchange of Seedorf for Coco with AC Milan, the club's official website reported.
"We have an appointment with Milan managers to see if it will be an exchange at par or not. At the moment, Coco could be Inter's left defender for the following season, however nothing has been establish yet," he said.

Commenting on the rumours linking Lazio defender Nesta with Inter, the president added: "Nesta, we have not established a thing. It is a difficult path. Dalmat will remain with Inter for the following season, Cuper is counting on him." 

"Besides, I was informed only today on the negotiation for Fabio Rochemback, Barcelona's center midfielder, from the sport press. I believe there is nothing true in that article. However, as for Kily Gonzales, we are waiting to find out what are Valencia's intentions, even though there is nothing concrete between the two clubs."

At the press conference Moratti also said some words about Inter star Ronaldo's contract: "Everything is perfectly fine. I have been informed on his physical condition and it seems that everything is back to normal and that he is doing excellent things with his national team. About his contract, we will settle things after the World Cup."

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