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source : Daily Soccer
Coco believes in Inter
SENDAI, Japan, 1 June (DS)

Internazionale FC recent signing Francesco Coco has become the first Italian international to join a new club since the end of the season. 

His long time in AC Milan has finished, and considering the arguments of the last nine months, the move was a relief for the player.

The club's official website quoted him as saying: "I've no particular revenge to take. I'm not returning to Milan to play against someone, but quite simply because I believe in Inter and I"

Coco's new teammate Vieri said it's right to buy Italians. 

"I'm pleased," declared Francesco Coco. "And Vieri is right. I believe that the Italians at Inter already have a good understanding, the important thing is that everyone rows in the same direction. So far, my revenge has been to reach the World Cup finals despite having played abroad. I wanted to return to Italy and my choice was Inter, because it's a great team and they have showed their trust in me."

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